Thank you for your interest in auditioning for LOVE LAND!  The team is excited about discovering talent who may have never had the opportunity to play a part of a large, full-scale, professional production. We have prepared the following instructions for those who may have never auditioned before. We can’t wait to see your talent!


Please carefully follow the instructions below:

Download Your Sides

1.    Download the Sides from our website for the Role you are auditioning for (there should be TWO scenes for each Role)

Download Sides Here

Shoot Your Audition 

1. Have someone assist you for the day.

2.    Have your assistant hold or set up a camera to record your audition (video cameras, laptops, phone cameras, etc).

3.    Set up the camera so that the frame can see your entire body, from head to toe. State your name and city for the camera.

4.    Set up the Frame so that you are in a “Medium Shot” (see below)


5.    Perform Sides A at a Medium Shot.

6.    Perform Sides A again, but try something a little different. Anything at all. Show us some range in your acting ability.

7.    Set up the Frame so that you are in a “Medium Close Up” (see below).

    1.    Perform Sides B. (Some characters only have one scene)

2.    Perform Sides B, trying something a little different again. (Some characters only have one scene)

Transfer Your Videos to Your Computer & Label Your Files 

When you’re finished recording your audition, it’s time to post on Vimeo or YouTube!

1.    Plug your Video Recording Device into a computer.

2.    Download the videos onto your hard drive.

3.    Export and save (4) SEPARATE FILES (2 files if your character had one scene) labeled as follows:

a.    Your Last Name_First Initial_A_1

b.    Your Last Name_First Initial_A_2

c.    Your Last Name_First Initial_B_1

d.    Your Last Name_First Initial_B_2

e.    For Example if you were named Josh Tate (2 files if your character had one scene):





Upload Your Video Files to YouTube 

1.    Visit and create an Account.

2.    Click on “Upload”.

3.    Movie Night!  Get your favorite movie trilogy or TV channel on standby, get comfortable, and get ready for a night of uploading!

4.    Upload ALL FOUR files (depending on the length of your video, this will take approximately 30-45 minutes per video, totaling 3-4½ hrs).


You can watch this video for more help:


Submit Your YouTube Video Links to LOVE LAND!


1.    Go to

2.    Click on “SUBMIT AUDITION VIDEO” to the right

3.    Fill out the form.

4.    Copy & Paste each video’s URL Address in its corresponding space on the form.

5.    Click SUBMIT.

6.    Wait for Confirmation Message.

7.    You’re done!


Congratulations!  Callback decisions will be announced in April 2013.