A Cicatrice Production

Written, Directed, and Edited by Olly Riley-Smith

Produced by Zack Siddiqui

Executive Producer - Joshua Tate

Director of Photography - Jeremy Royce

Production Designer - Emily Peters

Composer - Anil Kamath

1st Assistant Camera - Jennifer Anise

2nd Assistant Camera - Jordan Scott

Gaffer - Geoffrey Marschall

Make-Up Artist - Tania Hahm

Colorist - Bob Curreri

Production Assistant - Eva Ye

Voice-Over - Jaletta Kalman

CAST (in order of appearance):

Margo Gignac, Ben Lewin, London Vale, Adam Tyree, Latika Sye, Jamie Brewer, Blair Williamson, Jeff Marlowe, Keith Boos, Amber Coney, Annie Hamilton, JB Abajian, Mark Witte, John Siciliano, Tyler Ecklund, Xavier King, Andrew Angulo, Theatre by the Blind Troupe, RJ Mitte, Edward Barbanell, Doug, Casey, David, and Jennifer from LA GOAL, Katie Han, Ever Prishkulnik, Jeffrey Silcock, Javier Silcock, Sarah Le Feber, Lauren Potter, Tobias Forrest and Cityzen, Teale Sperling, Jessica Kishner, Di Kaufman, Nataly Wright, Meredith McCoy, Brian Frisk, Eddie Mendoza, Ali Baker, Trance Thompson, Ross Birkholz

Special Thanks to:

Brian Frisk

Corrinne Mann

Rachel Braver and GLAD

Alessandro Ago

Annie Hamilton

Gail Williamson

Chris Heiman

Greg Shane and CRE Outreach, Theatre By The Blind

Andrew Angulo and Disabled Life Media

Andrew Jeric

Spacebaby Collective

Petite and Laura at LA GOAL

Ann Belles Silcock and Sarah Richard at All Our Boys

Cynthia Kazarian at KSR Talent Agency

Gloria Castaneda at the Media Access Office

Promenade Playhouse

Luie Ville

Doreen Panico

Mrs. Barbanell

Michelle Matsumune at LA Youth Orchestra

Sara Kishner

Nick Frew

Dirty Robber

Jeremy Royce

Eddie Mendoza